The Great Ball 2016 (= vanhojenpäivä in Finnish)

Myllyharju high school ball was on the 19th of February in 2016, a day afterpenkkarit”. Traditionally the second graders from Myllyharju senior high school and Lovisa Gymnasium are involved. All the girls had beautiful dresses and the boys had classy suits. The second graders had practiced on 38 dancing lessons to learn to perform all the various dances.


The students danced eleven old ballroom dances like Cicapo and Wiener Waltz. All in all they danced eleven different dances. Finally they had made an amazing and funny choreography of their own.

Elle Frondelius, Jenna Korjula, Melinda Söderström, Jessica Papinniemi, Eveliina Valander, Emilia Tikander A-MOI

”Bench Kicking Party”

”The Bench Kicking Party” (=penkkarit in Finnish) is a party where the oldest high school students leave the school.

20160218_092034 (480x640)

”The Bench kicking party” is a party organized by the 3rd graders (=abiturientit or abit in Finnish). The traditional party include, for example: messing up the school, throwing some candy to younger pupils and students, and teasing the teachers. For example, they make some video clips where they act the teachers and make fun of them.

In our school ”Bench Kicking Party” there was a strip tease show by Magic Mike fan boys. They didn’t have shirts. They were almost naked.

They had also made a video about Veikko Vesterinen, where he had a baby, called Winnie the Pooh, because he is a honey farmer. He also became a grandfather in that clip. They also made a video about Leila R., who destroys the environment and rain forests by using so many paper arks.

Some of the teachers were rewarded by the 3rd graders. For example: Mosse M., Riitta S., Ilkka S. and Tiina L. They got something ironically funny, like strings. Hah, funny.

There was also a great balloon breaking/popping competition. And they made fun of the secondary school students.

The 3rd graders were dressed in many kinds of costumes. For example, there was a Banana, a Crazy Hat Maker and a Baby.

There was a film festival theme at the party. The party was called ”ABI SHOW: The Hollywood Premiere”.

Everybody laughed at the show. After the show the 3rd graders got into the truck by the younger high school students and left the building.

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Made by: Santeri Törmikoski, Joel Lundqvist, Katja Korhonen, Julius Jokinen, Lauri Hämäläinen & Väinö Honkanen