Erasmus+ Overcome 2021 – trip to Malaga

Text: Elli Järvinen Pictures: Erasmus+ Team Finland

We were really excited about the trip to Malaga. Involved in Erasmus was me Elli, Iida, Maxu, Werner and three teachers Heini, Tiina and Aki. Our flight was long, about four hours. We were a little nervous about going to the host families, but then we realized there was nothing to be nervous about. They were really hospitable and responsive to us. 

First day in Malaga was just getting know to the other students. In the beginning everybody were a little bit shy, but later we started to talk with everyone. We also noticed that Spanish school was truly different from Finnish school. The school building, lunch break, studying, well almost everything.

We liked the beach activities and the trip to Malaga city was unforgettable. There were really beautiful buildings. It was confusing, that it was warm In September and in October, because in Finland its cold in that time. The week was going by so fast. We also hanged out with them in time after school and it was really fun😀.

We were sad when we I had to leave. The trip was magnificent experience. 


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