Ysiluokkalaisen Selenan kirjoitelma englannin kokeessa aiheesta Suomen kulttuuri ja suomalaisuus

Finland, famous in the world for having the world’s best education system, beautiful nature and clean air. Finland is also known for its reindeers, saunas, the Santa Claus Village and Nokia. Last but not least, Finland is the country of thousands of lakes, as it’s sometimes called.

Finland is a country in the Northern Europe, between Sweden, Russia, Norway and the Baltic Sea. Finnish people are seen as unemotional, introverted and a bit silent. I can imagine that at least foreigners see us Finns like this, as they are used to their own culture. An important thing about Finns is that we are direct about what we have to say, we don’t do small talk. Actually, we hate small talk. Also, I think it’s important to know that we here don’t really do any kind of hugging, the only exception is the people that we are close to.

A few examples of Finnish values: equality, nature, honesty and modesty. Finns appreciate being treated as an individual, and our own space is really important to us, too. Here in Finland equality is a big deal for us. As I already mentioned it, I want to really point out it out, because we strive to improve the equality between everyone, in Finland it’s a norm to treat equally with respect. I think that is absolutely amazing thing.

I think it’s worth mentioning that in Finland we have this thing called every-mans-right. It allows a possibility for everyone in this country to be able to use nature, and enjoy it regardless of who owns the land, without the need to pay for it, or even a permission. It of course also means that you are not allowed to cause any harm or disruption there.

Lastly, a few random things about Finland; we love saunas and coffee. We also have some unusual foods like “salmiakki”, “ruisleipä”, Finnish Easter pudding called “mämmi” and the Karelian pies. It’s also unfortunately usual for us Finns to have this thing called winter depression, caused by the darkness and cold during the winter season here.


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